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Tuesday Blind Tastings

Why taste wine blind?

To rate and describe wine the bottles need to be masked so you don't let preconceived ideas influence you. Who wouldn't be influenced if you were served a Penfold Grange Hermitage? It would be easy rate it 98 or above before you tasted it. If you don't know it's a Grange then how do you judge it?

At our tastings ALL wines have been covered. Only the person providing the wine knows what it is. That person asks the obvious questions to slowly zero in on the wine. What is the grape? What country is it from? What region? How old is the wine?

When to rate the wine?

Knowing the grape, year and region tasters are then asked to rate the wine. The wine needs to be rated at this point so it can be judged by what is expected of a wine of this type.

Describing the wine is best done without knowing what it is. Initial impressions, before anything is known about the wine, are really valuable. A wine will change in the glass so spending time mulling over the wine is essential too.

Our tastings occur on Tuesday night and all wines are served blind. Now you can see why the website was named as it is!

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Enjoy our perspective on the wines served.

For those interested we've now tasted 860 wines since we started recording on 01 December 2015.

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